Affiliate Network Details
Phone: 888-400-4359
Email: [email protected]
Number of Offers
Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly, Daily
Payment Method
Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral Commission
5% lifetime
Tracking Software
In-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link
Affiliate Manager
Luke Kling
Email [email protected]
AIM LukePeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1285
Skype LukePeerFly

Charlie Gartman
Email [email protected]
AIM CharliePeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1061
Skype CharliePeerFly

Corey Englaender
Email [email protected]
AIM CoreyPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1321
Skype CoreyPeerFly

Chad French
Email [email protected]
AIM ChadPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1194
Skype ChadPeerFly

Travis Glenn
Email [email protected]
AIM TravisPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1286
Skype TravisPeerFly

Davey Taylor
Email [email protected]
AIM DaveyPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1298
Skype DaveyPeerFly

Corinna French
Email [email protected]
AIM CorinnaPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 1281
Skype CorinnaPeerFly

Lauren Hostert
Email [email protected]
AIM LaurenPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 8005
Skype LaurenPeerFly

Nikki Lindsey
Email [email protected]
AIM NikkiPeerFly
Phone 888-400-4359 ext. 8006
Skype NikkiPeerFly

PeerFly is an Internet property of Avlo Media Inc. As opposed to other affiliate networks, their tracking system is in-house custom built from the ground up so they donít depend on unreliable hosted mechanics. PeerFly is rapidly becoming the choice for both publishers and advertisers alike. With an over-all network conversion rate of 8-15% and high EPCís it actually doesnít take a genius to see how they differ from their competition! Wait around no further and join PeerFly today!